Is There a Cure for Allergies?

The short answer is “no”.  Allergies are triggered by a person’s immune system responding abnormally to typically harmless substances.  This abnormal response causes the release of histamine, primarily, which triggers several allergic symptoms. The cause of  allergies is complex, but includes a person’s genetics combined with other environmental factors.  There are ways to treat and prevent allergy symptoms, but because allergies are rooted in the genes, and because we are talking about an abnormal response of an immune system, allergies cannot be cured.

Allergy triggers can be avoided and may seem like a “cure”, but re-exposure to the guilty allergens would still cause allergy symptoms.  Some allergies can be treated with medications to help reduce allergy symptoms, but these just mask the symptoms and cannot be considered a cure.  Once the medication is stopped, allergy symptoms quickly return.

Perhaps the closest thing to an allergy cure without actually being a cure is Allergen Immunotherapy. Taken in the form of shots, typically, but sometimes drops, this treatment is designed to desensitize the immune system. Once the immune system treats allergens as harmless, the allergy symptoms are reduced or even eliminated.  However, the benefits don’t last a lifetime and the symptoms can recur years later or even sooner.  Once again, the abnormal immune system that is at the root of the problem has not been cured.

Although OTC and prescription medications mask allergy symptoms, there are some proven natural remedies that help support your immune system so that allergic reactions are kept to a minimum or even removed from the picture.  If you are interested in a 100% natural remedy that supports good respiratory health and primarily works to maintain histamine levels within a normal range so that allergy symptoms are curbed, then please click here for more information.

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