How I Dumped my OTC and Prescription Allergy Medications for Good

First off, I want to ensure you that this is not some ploy to lure you into an end-all, be-all allergy cure.  There is no such thing, and if you’ve been reading my posts, you know that’s the case.  I simply want to share with you something I stumbled into not even three years ago that allowed me to completely get rid of my conventional allergy medications and drastically reduce the use of my asthma inhaler.  I’m positive that it can work for you too.

My Story

Like many of you reading this blog, I have had allergies since childhood.  Since I was old enough to swallow a pill I’ve been taking either prescription allergy medications or OTC allergy medications and sometimes a combination of both.  I was diagnosed with environmental allergies early on as well as allergy-induced asthma.  Pet dander and Pollen were the allergens that hit me the hardest, while dust-mites and molds, although irritating, did not seem to take the same toll as the previous two.  Initially, cat and dog dander seemed to be the worst allergens, probably because that’s what I was exposed to the most.  Over the years I’ve managed to build up a tolerance to them and they do not bother me nearly as much as they used to.  I cannot say the same for horses, grasses and weeds.  They were “killers” from the start and still are to this day.

Any time I went outside in the summer or fall, there was a good chance I’d have an allergy attack.  If I was lucky, those attacks would not lead to the impending asthma attack.  My eyes would swell up, itch and water.  My throat itched, my nose ran like a faucet left on, and when things really got bad, my back would start itching like crazy, the wheezing would start, and it was at that point I knew the asthma attack was coming.  It was really a horrible way to live.  When I visited my Uncle’s farm for the first time, I had a chance to ride his pony named Roger.  Bad idea.  The weeds and hay on the farm were bad enough, but I was controlling them for the most part with whatever allergy drug I was taking at the time.  Within 3 minutes of getting near that pony, I was done.  Stick a fork in me done.  The asthma attack didn’t even wait for the signs to start.  It was at that point I realized just how bad horse dander affected me and how serious this allergy and asthma crap could be.

My parents put me on prescription allergy medication as soon as I was old enough since there really wasn’t much over the counter in those days.  I’m certainly dating myself here, but does anyone remember taking an allergy medication called Marax?  Yeah, you remember.  I was on that for years until the FDA decided something was dangerous about it and pulled it off the market.  I just wonder how much it shortened my life being on that bad boy for so many years.  Anyway, since then, up to about three years ago, I was on and off various prescription allergy drugs, as well as some of the more popular OTC drugs like Benadryl, Claritin, Allegra, Zirtec.  I was taking the last three when they were still prescription-only.  I was really sick of the fact that none of them worked unless I took the “-D” formulation for decongestion.  I was also sick and tired of all the side-effects like rapid heart rate, drowsiness, excitability, trouble sleeping, some dizziness now and then, etc.  I still really could not go out on bad pollen days without feeling the effects, and God-forbid, get me anywhere near a horse.  It seemed like my sinuses were still always clogged to some extent and I could never get rid of an intermittent cough.  So, I guess you could say the drugs were sort-of working, just not to an acceptable level.

My Revelation

I was online one day and got to thinking about natural supplements.  I’d had digestive issues over the years and had managed to whip those back into shape by taking natural enzymes and bacterial supplements to help with digestion.  If those supplements could help get my digestive system back into whack, maybe science had come up with a natural way to put my immune system back into whack?  I started Googling and found a lot of holistic and cure-all type remedies, all selling a bunch of hokum, but I also came across this site called Native Remedies.  I’d heard of this company before and I think I’d even seen them on one of the morning news shows.  They’ve been around since the mid to late 90’s. I never gave them much thought, though, because I thought they were more into addressing ADHD, anti-aging, prostate health and the like.  I started poking around on their site and found out that they have a number of 100% all natural products, registered with the FDA, that specifically address allergies and asthma.  I read some of the testimonials and reviews, checked into the company’s history and standing with BBB, and then decided to to give them a try.  They have a one year 100% money back guarantee, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.  Since the products were all natural, there was very little chance of experiencing disturbing side effects.  At that point, anything would be an improvement over the prescription nonsense I was taking.

I’ve never looked back.  The first product I tried was the AllergiClear Tablets that was primarily touted to keep histamine levels in the normal range. AllergiClear TabletsIt also was supposed to keep sinuses and eyes healthy as well as to support respiratory health. I was mostly interested in keeping histamines at a normal level because I knew that it was an increase in histamine production that triggers allergic symptoms.  The tablets worked just as they were supposed to.  It took about 4 or 5 days before I noticed improvement, but it was a major improvement.  My sinuses were clear, that stupid cough went away and I didn’t even notice the cats and dogs anymore, allergy-wise that is. SOS HistaDrops I also found myself not having to take my albuterol puffs as often, and now I hardly ever have to use my inhaler.  Every now and then, especially when pollen counts were extremely high or when I was stacking or pitching hay to our ranch critters, I still noticed some mild allergy symptoms although not nearly what they would have been before the AllergiClear Tablets.  I decided to try the SOS HistaDrops to see if those would help in those types of situations.  Sure enough, that was just the extra support I needed to keep the allergy symptoms at bay.  I was feeling good and maybe a bit cocky so I thought I’d try to work with one of our horses just to test the waters.  I was amazed when I found I was able to work with the horse and even ride him without experiencing severe symptoms.  A tad snuffly, maybe, but the difference to the usual reaction was night and day.  That was all I needed to see.  Since that time I’ve used nothing except the combination of AllergiClear Tablets and SOS HistaDrops to keep all my allergies at bay.

Give Native Remedies a try and let me know how they work for you.  I’d love to hear your success stories.

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