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10 Really Simple and Cheap Ways to Reduce Allergies in the Home

There are many different ways to reduce the allergens in your home.  You may have already heard of some of the more expensive suggestions like tearing out your carpeting and installing hardwood floors or getting rid of all your drapes … Continue reading

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How I Dumped my OTC and Prescription Allergy Medications for Good

First off, I want to ensure you that this is not some ploy to lure you into an end-all, be-all allergy cure.  There is no such thing, and if you’ve been reading my posts, you know that’s the case.  I … Continue reading

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Is There a Cure for Allergies?

The short answer is “no”.  Allergies are triggered by a person’s immune system responding abnormally to typically harmless substances.  This abnormal response causes the release of histamine, primarily, which triggers several allergic symptoms. The cause of  allergies is complex, but includes … Continue reading

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